Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Planning My Dream Home

It has always been a dream of mine to design and build my own house. Even as a child playing with my Lego I used to want to build my dream home, sounds kind of sad I know but hey we were all young once! Over the last few years I have managed to make some friends in the trade as well as put some money away for this project. And now finally having the financial backing and finding a spot for me to start my new build planning for my house I have come to a stand still due to not knowing about the rules and regs.

Now I am a complete novice with this type of thing and I am trying to get a little bit of info on what rules and regulations there are for new build planning. I understand the basics such as the dimensions of the property and things like that but I am none the wiser on things like cost, procedure etc. Money is not too much of a worry but I do want to make sure that the new build planning correspondes with all the required regulations. I can only imagine how much many avenues I am going to have to go down, but any helpful hints or information would be greatly appreciated.

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